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Saturday, July 24, 2010

things that rock: day 24

ok... i know ive fallen behind on these but fear not, i will make sure no days is left unloved.

day 24: cell phones

i can not get enough of my cell phone and i HATE my cell phone. and yet im addicted to it. i only hate my cell phone because its a blackberry and the only way it works is when i smash it against a tree (i did that last night and it actually worked better... bizarre). but i have dreams about what it would be like to have a REAL smart phone. it almost blows my mind how much happier i would be. its almost to the point where i have NOT gotten a new phone because of my fear of disowning everyone i know and just spending time with my phone. how did people function without cell phones... i cant even imagine. i just have such a need for instant access and immediate responses... how could some like me have ever lived before cell phones.

today, while i was gently smashing my phone against a blunt object to get it to stop freezing... the little cover over the track ball came off and is now lost. looks like its time to finally make my dreams come true... EVO hear i come!

i dont know what 4G means but i like it. a lot.

happy birthday rob (boss)

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