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Sunday, July 25, 2010

things that rock: day 25

day 25: rainbow flip flops

ever since that dude remy called out all the dudes in brown flip flops, i have noticed the number of brown flip flops starting to decline a bit. WHAT!? come on people. be proud of your footwear! i love my rainbows. they are the best thing in the world. sure people think its ridiculous that im wearing them in 40 degree weather but THATS how great they feel. i hate shoes and i hate socks. for whatever reason, those two things are now synonymous with me feeling stuffy or just uncomfortable. the shoes i wear to the gym seem to be the only ones that dont feel alien to me when i put them on. please do not take that as me going to the gym a lot... i just like the shoes.

tragically, during a slip and slide party held in celebration of rylo's birthday, one of my rainbows was stolen. accidentally, so the perp claims. i still cling to the belief that the said brigand could not take just how close me and the flip flops had become and was jealous that they did not feel that strongly about their footwear. out of a jealous rage, one of the flip flips paid the ultimate price.

not to be held down, i have been wearing a sweet pair of green adidas sandals. but its not the same. i miss my old rainbows and hope one day to be reunited with them... although a new pair is perfectly fine as well.

i want my rainbows back rainbows back rainbows back... i want my rainbows back!
(sang to the tune of the chili's commercial)

happy birthday andrew (dawg)

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