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Monday, July 19, 2010

things that rock: day 19

day 19: free wi-fi

nothing is more important to me and to my job than free internet. its so crucial and i cant tell you how many hours i spend a week holding my laptop over my head like a cheap am/fm radio looking for a signal. i feel like chris farley from the movie black sheep with his damn cell phone meandering around the wooded mountains of washington state. "hello washington!!" he exclaims from the top of a mountain... we i sometimes want to yell the same thing when im just trying to get one bar of internet and cant understand why a majority of businesses refuse to invest in internet. at this point, its a basic right to have internet!

anyways i love internet and when its free, its even better. and when its free and right where i need it, well mazel tov to me... it must be my birthday!

this was all written from a table at a restaurant while waiting for a meeting to begin using someone's fee wi-fi

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