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Saturday, April 3, 2010

ten commandments is on tv tonight!!!

thank god abc shows this movie every year... i dont know how many passovers i would have completely missed otherwise... thanks channel 7!!

and in honor of passover, a short video to celebrate the most recognizable symbol in all of judaism... the matzah.

Friday, April 2, 2010

new single from travie mccoy(frontman for gym class heroes) entitled "billionaire"

watch exclusive acoustic performance here!
travie mccoy, 'billionaire': watch exclusive acoustic performance here!

friday's random music video vol. X

this week's selection is inspired by a few things:

1. in a few days, it will be the one year anniversary of my grandmother's passing. she served in the military as a dietitian in world war II and landed on the beaches of normandy two weeks after the invasion and moved with the allied forces all the way to berlin. just one of several incredible experiences that she had during her lifetime. amazing woman and very much missed. macarthur blvd. section 66, 166. love to you and grandpa.

2. this past week, i met ed "doc" pepping, a member of easy company, the regiment forever enshrined by tom hanks in the 10-part mini-series band of brother. i spoke with him for the better part of an hour about his experiences and shared some my grandparents' own combat experiences during the war. "doc" pepping was wonderful to speak with and i couldnt help but be uber corny and gratuitously thank him for serving our country and continuing to fight for veterans. the man is probably pushing 90, needs a wheelchair, but travels from california to to dc to help thousands of veterans as much as he can. fantastic individual and im honored to have met him.

3. this song is incredible. the band is incredible. the album, from which this song comes, was the soundtrack to my summer in nyc. some of my best memories.


my chemical romance - "ghost of you"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

see!?! the government isnt always annoying... sometimes it can be funny!!

i know this is really old and everyone has seen this. however, with all the craziness going on with the government right now, lets all pause and remember that christopher walken can turn even the most mundane topic like "the census" into something awesome. who knows, maybe health care is on the horizon... we need you more than ever mr. walken.

no bobcats, plants or candy bars were harmed in the making of this skit.

this cat is living the dream...

the more i watch, the funnier it gets...

i think its because the damn cat seems to look up after a good slide as if to say "oh yea? beat that!" haha.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

exclusive dc happy hour special tonight!!!

taken from the what's the deal dc site...

"Come join What's the Deal DC this week as we head over to Bottom Line for some free drinks! Continuing the success of our weekly happy hour series, we're working with Stoli Vodka and the Bottom Line to offer you two (2) FREE drinks (either beer of Stoli). Starting at 6pm on Wednesday, March 31 and ending at 8:30, you'll hang out with the ridiculously good looking WTD crowd and celebrate the time honored "Night Before April Fools Day" Happy Hour. Simply sign-up for our listserv and you'll be in on the fun!"

you want in! i know you do...

Bottom Line
1716 "I" Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"can i lie with you in your grave?

there's a crack in the edge of the end of the world
where i will sit with my love in its fluorescent swirl.

eat us up, break it down to the tiniest cell
in our room with a view and a window to hell

where those who buried bodies in their barrels of fun
will be marched through museums that displayed what they've done.

they'll be shot up through the sky by a cannon of sin
where we'll reluctantly let them in.

so can i lie in your grave?"

-say anything

best comment over the last 24 hours...

"wait. ricky martin was straight!?"

tell all your friends...

it has been leaked that john nolan, the mastermind behind one of the greatest albums of all time tell all your friends, is returning to taking back sunday.

this is the most excited i have been about music in a long time. to celebrate this joyous announcement, i am posting every music video from that album that came out a decade ago and yet is still on the tip of everyone's tongue when you talk about your favorite albums of all time.

dont adjust your computer screens... that is in fact flava flav...

if you dont know this album, i feel bad for you. go to best buy right now and find a copy 2002's taking back sunday - tell all your friends. listen to its raw energy and emotion. it was, and is, a great album and im so excited to hear the taking back sunday true sophomore album that we were all hoping for but never received.

8 years late is better than never.

Monday, March 29, 2010

chat roulette weirds me out! it seems like it could be fun... but also very weird.

this guy would be awesome at parties!!! that being said, no one else who participated in these videos would be invited. in fact, im scared of at least half of them. a lot of aggressive facial hair... very aggressive.

hayley williams... you are awesome.

lead singer of paramore, hayley williams, presumably hanging out in her home, made this video of her very own rendition of lady gaga's "bad romance."

still the hottest woman in punk rock. no contest.

late night cigarettes in a parking lot

"people like you are why people like me
to spit upon your writ

people like you are why people like me
your lies
so here's your kiss goodbye"

-say anything

i just spent the last few hours sharing cigarettes with my buddy while he slowly broke down because his 2 year relationship is ending. he was used pretty badly and he is only now realizing it. definitely a tough life lesson to learn...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

come on baylor....

if baylor wins, i will have accurately called both butler and baylor reaching the final four. even more importantly, if baylor wins, i will win my bracket pool...

its all about the benjamins baby!

i hate rooting against duke... sorry but its just good business.