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Friday, September 3, 2010

friday's random music video vol. XXXII

i know you havent had enough of this song... well enjoy the new official video. its better than simply the words video and the song still kicks ass.

cee lo green - "fuck you"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"V" for Victory!

USC Trojans play Hawaii tonight.

My prediction:

USC - 34
Hawaii - 16

Bring it on NCAA sanctions!

didnt even realize today was a holiday...

HAPPY 9-0-2-1-0 DAY!!!!!


Special thanks to Aaron Spelling and the gang responsible for teaching me as a 6 year old all about relationships, sex and drug use.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

damn you earl.

i will say one thing:

this will make my brother's half marathon a little more interesting...

in other news...

my brother shared with me the itinerary for the weekend:

8pm: Depart DC for VA Beach
2am: Arrive in VA Beach
6am: Go to the registration area for the race
7am: Brother begins running
10am: Race is over... assuming my brother finishes in a reasonable amount of time
11am: Race is over... assuming my brother finishes based on how much work he put into it.
11:30am: Get beers and go to the beach
3:30pm: Pack and head back to DC
10pm: Arrive back in DC

26 hours of awesomeness!!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

who really is scott pilgrim...?!

scott pilgrim vs the world = great movie.

saw it last night with my roommates.

if you havent seen it, and you have any memory of the late 80s - early 90s... you should totally go and see it. yes it has its emo tendencies... ok its pretty significantly emo but its a good time.

ok and while im feeling this stream of consciousness thing... the concept is amazing both in literal meaning and in figurative. the idea of having to face a new person your dating's exes... its so awesome. think about every time you have run into the other person's ex... you are totally posturing... and if life were actually a video game, you would totally battle. now there are always those situations where the ex is still good friends with your new squeeze but if even for just a second, the idea may just skip across your mind. thats the literal sense. the figurative sense is more real. in a way you always battle against someone's exes. their whole take on relationships has been groomed and developed because of those previous relationships...

yes its a michael cera movie which means its very awkward... but its a video game love story with a indie punk rock twist. i mean come on... wasnt that all that mario was when you break it down!? just a plumber trying to save his princess... the only difference is that mario was frustrating... (yeah so what if i never beat those games... i was too busy... well... doing other lame stuff i guess) and this movie is just fun enjoyment.

rock on young savior!

ska is NOT ded.

i just got really nostalgic...

Monday, August 30, 2010

my brother is going down... and he is taking me with him.

here is the situation:

my brother committed to running a half marathon almost 3 months ago. there were going to be a handful of people coming along for this adventure and run the race with him. however, over the last few months, people have been dropping out. however, my brother being solid in his conviction, still intends on running the race, even though, at this moment he will be doing it alone. well, sort of. i agreed to go with him, and as his brother, i refuse to let him down or at a minimum, dirty our good name by not chaperoning this little misadventure and letting him run amok across the state.

the best part: my brother has done little to no prep for this half marathon. in fact, he has been quoted as saying "im eating a lot of steak so i can put on weight." im no marathon running expert, and really not even much of a jogger, but i know enough to know that is a bad half marathon strategy. we are going to drive 5 hours to virginia beach this weekend and im going to have to watch my brother bravely attempt something that is only as hard as he has made it... which is pretty damn hard.

i have gone ahead and brainstormed some potential outcomes:

1. my brother will harness some kind of mutant strength and finish the race in the top few hundred spots

probability = 0% - 2%: im not saying its impossible. my brother has surprised me before... but he is also my brother and this is just not going to happen. if it does, by some miracle, happen this way, he will be so not fun the rest of the trip because he will be so sore. as a result, i dont like this option for very selfish, but valid reasons.

2. we get there and my brother decides to forget about it and we go to a bar instead

probability = 20%: for others, this would be higher but i think my brother will let his stubbornness take hold and it will be hard for his sensible side to succeed. this, however, is my favorite option. i wont try and sway him on this but i will be pretty pumped if this goes down.

3. he will run the race and finish... eventually

probability = 40%: he is an athletic kid and so if anyone can finish the race, its him. it could happen... but ive seen him run down the street to move his car before the parking enforcement people get there in time... and to be honest, it wasnt that impressive... and it was only 30 feet away. 13.1 miles, with less on the line, seems a bit daunting.

4. he will run the race but will get picked up by the straggler van because the race is over and they need to allow traffic back on the roads (this to me is the same outcome as him just walking off the course...)

probability = 60%: honestly, id be shocked if he lets them pick him up. too much pride. he is not a quitter, but he will simply claim that he has lost interest and thinks there is something more fun going on over there...

5. he will wake up on friday and say that we arent going to virginia beach anymore

probability = 70%: i think this has a high chance of happening. no one likes to sit in a car, with most likely horrific holiday traffic, for several hours, only to lose to people 3 to 4 times older than you in broad daylight in front of a lot of people. however, i am definitely not pulling for this option as i do like the beach. not only that, but this option definitely is the least hilarious.

anyways, as my brother does not read this blog very often, im sure he wont even realize i have analyzed this weekend to this extent, at his expense. i will keep you updated as to how this ends up.