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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

things that rock: day 20

day 20: fire

ok. im not talking about arson. im talking about controlled burning. now i cant lie, watching the controlled burns in the gulf are pretty awesome. obviously, i would trade that to have there not be any oil in the gulf but there is something awesome about huge flames. a few months ago, a bunch of friends hiked out to front royal and witnessed one of the biggest bonfires i have ever seen in person. it was several stories high. we had to back up 4 times until the heat was manageable.

as a kid, i used to take newspaper, crumple up pages into a ball, throw it into the fireplace and watch it burn. sometimes with colored ink, the flames would burn certain colors. it was awesome. maybe im a pyro. i think thats fair. but im not dangerous, i just enjoy a good flame. a little like a moth maybe. also a fair, but cliche comparison.

on the topic of fire, you know what does NOT rock? 100 degree humidity... its stupid hot out.

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