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Saturday, July 17, 2010

hate the game, not the... insect?

things that rock: day 17

day 17: drunk night storytelling

there is nothing better than sitting around with your buddies and playing back an entire evening and most importantly, filling in the blanks. recently, i have not laughed as hard as when we have run through the ridiculous happenings from the night prior. living with the 3 guys i live with now, i have decided we are hilarious individuals. and having only lived in the house we currently live in for a month, we have already created a years worth of hilarious drunk stories. the bonus is when you have to back track, starting from where you woke up and having your friends help you piece together the random flashes of things you remember. amazing AND so funny. definitely why sunday mornings are hands down, the best time of the week.

special thanks goes out to jim beam, pinnacle vodka and the wonderful people at dan's cafe.

Friday, July 16, 2010

friday's random music video vol. XXV

the ready set - "love like woe"

things that rock: day 16

day 16: driving

i love the feel of the open road. its glorious. roll down the windows, open the sunroof and blast the tunes. now, i will admit that im a fast driver and sometimes can be quite aggressive. but its out of the pure love of driving and taking pleasure in getting somewhere quick! that and getting as far away from dumb drivers as possible.

something i have gotten into is making "cruisin' cds" to accompany every drive made. most recently, i have moved away from my typical pop punk rock songs and incorporated more towards indie dance rock like phoeniz and miike snow. a great soundtrack can take any mundane trip and make it awesome. spontaneous sing-a-longs and dance sessions in a car while driving become commonplace. not only that, but there is nothing better than pulling up alongside another car and getting them to dance along with you. happy finger pointing and fist pumping become the barometer of how awesome your trip is.

i love driving so much. to the gym, to the store, to move my car from one street to the next to avoid a ticket... its all money.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

things that rock: day 15

day 15: midnight movies

get a bunch of friends together. go to a bar. pregame the movie. and then make it rain. and by make it rain, i obviously mean dont say a word and be as quiet as possible.

the best part is that you are the guy/guys/people who tell reason to take a hike and stay out until 330am when you have work the next day. damn right. fight the man. sleep is for the dead. you only live once and dammit, if i want to live with 3-D glasses on my face in an IMAX theatre taking down a bag of popcorn and slamming the largest soda the built-in cup holders can handle, then so be it. sorry you cant take it it. sorry you get sleepy at 9pm. enjoy being 80 years old in a 25 year old body. not me. im living life like its going out of style, one summer blockbuster at a time.

and yes, it never hurts to have your old student ID...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

things that rock: day 13

day 13: thunderstorms

we are in the middle of a crazy thunderstorm and this reminded me that i LOVE thunderstorms. the flashes of bright lightning. the loud crashes of thunder. the therapeutic constant tapping of the rain. its all good. i love it. my brother and i just drove around capitol hill and while we had a destination in mind, we found ourselves taking the long way back so that we could enjoy some more of this ridiculous weather.

all that being said, i hope its sunny tomorrow... as much as i love a good thunderstorm, i do enjoy sunshine a little more than rain.

Monday, July 12, 2010

things that rock: day 12

day 12: acoustic sets

there is nothing i like more than to take some of the most aggressive and rocking music i hold so dear to my little emo punk rock heart and strip it down to an unplugged guitar or two. there is something that just makes those songs sound like they are that much more meaningful. now since the days of MTV unplugged when i watched almost every episode, i began falling in love with acoustic versions of rock songs. i remember watching the nirvana unplugged set over and over... kurt killed himself within a year of that session being recorded... almost every dedication showed clips from that performance. whether it was nirvana or my love for old school dashboard confessional where he would get on stage in front of a mosh pit with a stool and a guitar and just riff out some lovelorn diddy... i go bonkers for a good acoustic version.

below is a good example of what makes me want to rock out sitting indian-style with a lighter...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

things that rock: day 11

day 11: sporting events that are celebrated

today was the world cup finals. unfortunately, the usa team was not involved. even still, millions of people across the country tuned in to see whether those talented spaniards would find a way to squeek out another victory against a very physical netherlands team. and we didnt just tune in... we showed up at a bar several hours before kick-off and ate and drank ourselves into a happy buzz.

i love these events. super bowls... olympic events... nba finals... march madness... college bowl games... all of these events have a storyline that feeds our interest. and to really enjoy that interest, we go out and get drunk. its incredible and awesome. whether its your team... or the team the octopus predicted as the winner, you pick a side and you throw down in enjoyment of the competitive spirit.

congrats to the spanish... and now its time to turn my attention to the redskins... super bowl baby!

happy birthday carl (no speed carl)