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Friday, December 24, 2010

my (music)video blog for 2011

so, i wanted to do something a little more meaningful(maybe) than just posting random crap. while at times those kind of posts can be entertaining, it also gets old. instead, im going to combine two things that i love: life and of course, music videos.

the rules.

the how:

each day im going post a music video that mirrors some part of my life. maybe it is a literal expression of something that happened or a feeling i have. maybe it is a representation of something that someone close to me is going through at that time. maybe it is simply a song that has burned itself into my cerebral cortex and is fighting to hang on at all costs. regardless of the level of specific meaning, it will have some kind of connection to me each day.

the why:
why not!? i love music videos and i thought this would be a cool way to track the year 2011. and you know, maybe its not cool but i wont know until a give it a go.

the when:
no set time but i am going to shoot for one post each 24 period. some would call that "once a day".

the what:
a music video. most will probably be from bands that i listen to on a daily basis but depending on what im thinking about or what is going on in my life, i might change it up and throw in some random stuff that doesn't necessarily fall into the "music i like" category on facebook. there may be some explanation, if i feel like it or some lyrics quoted from the song if they really stand out to me. there also may be nothing but a music video.

the where:

right here. duh.

so that's the plan. love it or leave it, im going to do what i do. i also may special guests share some music videos as well. what?!?! no way!!! way. you never know what's going to happen on the jiggles puff!

well... minus the fact that i just basically told you what exactly is going to happen... that aside, this blog is gonna be crazy and unpredicatable...