keep your expectations low and i will rise to the occasion.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

and on the 30th, the world was blessed... good things come in dos

it was on this day, that america and more specifically, the world, were blessed with approximately two jones. the reason for the approximation is i am only certain of two joneses being born today... im pretty sure more joneses were born on this day however, im going to have to make an un-educated educated guess using the lack of research i have chosen to do and go with two. approximately.

happy birthday, feliz cuplianos and mazel tov to the twins with the wins.

looking forward to rockin out on the 32nd floor balcony in a city with you both soon... plugged in and ready to fall

Friday, January 29, 2010

friday's random music video (i just started it so...) volume 1!

there's no "i" in "why do you have a blog?"

yeah, so i started a blog. why? not sure. to be honest, i just wanted to express my total lack of contentment with my blackberry... but now this has become so much more. how much more you ask!? well, i like this whole, i write a lot of nonsense and 3 people read it over the course of a week. haha 3 people. i might be overshooting just a bit but you should always set an aggressive goal for yourself so 3 it is. if i can even make one person less productive in a given week, then i have succeeded. as of right now though, the only person less productive.... is me. success!? ill take it!

anyways, my goal is to keep this bad boy up to date so if you are truly curious about what is, or isnt going on upstairs in my squished head, this will actually probably create more questions than provide answers.

i know i probably should have started with a little intro as my first entry but i really just wanted to jump in... i figured id get writers block eventually and then go into the "why am i here?" stuff. who knew it would be in the first 24 hours!? does not bode well... but fear not(directed toward the one lucky person that accidentally stumbles on to this site), i have so many random thoughts in my head, the hardest part will be keeping the stream of consciousness from turning into a full-on rapids.

i guess this will serve as both intro and disclaimer. so welcome and dont forget your literary helmet! thank you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

my blackberry's so called life...

last night, i layed in my bed pondering all the hoopla that is surrounding the i-pad, apple's newest doohickey that is making all the techies and wannabe apple know-it-alls go crazy. (by the way, when my roommate told me it was called the i-pad, i immediately responded, "with wings?!" later cnn and other sites stole my comedic thunder by publicly denouncing the name because of its similarity to a sanitary napkin...) MOVING ON...

i immediately thought of my own diminutive sidekick, good old blackberry 8330. my little keyboarded friend and i have been through quite a lot. most notably, the crashes while using navigation... the display freezing whenever i send a text... the track ball completely crapping out leaving me to try and remember how to use the quick keys... oh the memories (my memories, not little 8330's... he only has a few MBs and i drunkenly take a lot of pictures of my roommate's cats).

sometimes i just want to call mr. blackberry and ask... "do you ever wake up and say 'shit. i'm still mr. blackberry.'?" he must wake up, go to the office and say "ladies and gentleman, welcome to day 574 of 'how the hell we attempt to stay relevant!'"

anyways, just wanted to rant. obviously, captain blackberry wont ever make it to this little blip on the internet radar... BUT if you do, PLEASE PLEASE send me a new blackberry... and make it as close to the i-sanitary napkin as possible!!! thanks!