keep your expectations low and i will rise to the occasion.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

i think ill move to boston

while rylo and i walked the streets of boston today... i came to the conclusion that boston is a tough city to beat in the summer. we walked the streets of downtown and spent a few hours in the quincy market and it was awesome. there was a lot of music, people all over being friendly and just a fun excitement in the air. as i sit in my hotel room on the waterfront, which is gorgeous, i began thinking of a song that came out a few years back that talks about moving to boston...

when i first heard the song, i dont think i appreciated the singer's feelings but after spending the last few days up here and enjoying beautiful weather and friendly bostonians, i now have a better appreciation for augustana's sentiment.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Re: USA USA USA US... HEY! (3)

the refs have robbed a victory from the us.



2-2 BABY!!





we scored!!!!

halfway there... come on america!!

fight for a ATLEAST a tie!!!! we HAVE to move to the next round!!!


ok its halftime.

and we are losing.

ok while im looking for slovenia on the map, im fuming that we are losing. we are america! we have so many resources. i dont understand why we arent better at soccer.

i know i know... europe has better development systems for their players. BUT we also became a super power in 200 years... which is a blip on the historical radar. we can do ANYTHING. Pretty sure we can become top 10 at soccer and NOT LOSE to SLOVANIA.

ok second half is starting... manifest destiny! come on boys!!!

friday's random music video vol. XXI

in honor of being in boston again this weekend, the sons of boston seemed like a decent choice for today. by the way, to all the celtics fans out there, im sorry about the game last night. we were hoping to join the parties in the street last night to celebrate a championship... instead we just bumped into hundreds of bummed out drunk people wearing green.

dropkick murphys - "sunrise highway"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

this is the part in the set where we ask for crowd participation...

ok people... there is a pretty enormous day coming up and i just dont think im capable of coming up with something awesome enough to do it justice.

if you guessed my birthday, then either a. im impressed or b. im in the process now of getting a restraining order...

ok so what should i do for my birthday?! for those who know me, obviously some kind of party will be involved. but as i get older, each birthday seems more and more precious. with the way the planet is slowly showing some teeth and fighting back (oil spills, volcanos, floods, diseases, alien prawns with crazy weaponry and a insatiable hunger for cat food...?, etc.), how many birthdays do any of us really have left?!

so speak up people! what should i do for my birthday!? a couple things to note:

1. home base is capitol hill, washington DC, USA(for those few non-north americans that stumble onto this blog. ps guten tag!)

2. cheaper is better!

3. cant exclude people. cooties were so 25th birthday.

4. nothing violent or harmful to anyone else. i love humans and all related creatures.

5. no jail time. i want to spend time in bars, not behind them.

ok i know this is risky. it is possible no one will respond and then i look pathetic. eh im ok with that. when you look like janet reno in your 5th grade yearbook picture, you become awfully resilient.

ok people!!! let the idea juices flow!


last official day in the commonwealth

for the past quarter century, i have been a resident of virginia. well, no longer.

thnks fr th mmrs.

now, if you wont excuse me, i have to get back to tearing apart my life and trying desperately to put it back together... in a day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

in the next 24 hours, i will uproot myself from the quiet hum of arlington and trade it in for the loud roar of the district. yup. its moving time.

over the last two years, a lot has happened in my life. its crazy. and just like what happens as time elapses, older object slowly sink to the bottom and are covered by more recent articles of clothing/papers/hats/shoes/etc. as a result, as i begin to pack up my life and transport to my new residence, it becomes a historical excavation of sorts. im finding things that i havent seen in 18 months (i know some of you just cringed)and each has a story associated with it. thats when the nostalgia sets in. its funny what memories you attach to a piece of paper that has been hiding under your bed or a tshirt wadded up at the bottom of you closet.

but you can only stop and examine each belonging for so long. at some point, usually around the time when you realize you have 3 hours to vacate the property and you havent even picked up the u-haul yet, you just give up and begin piling stuff in boxes without any regard.

slowly, you end one chapter of your life and begin another with endless possibilities. a new place with new opportunities. and moving is the means to an end. now to be clear, i hate the act of moving. picking up heavy boxes. carrying furniture through doorways at odd angles. not only do things have to be moved out of one place, but then you get to do it all over again and move things into the new place. but its that moment when you have successfully moved everything into your new abode that i enjoy. the point where you take a deep breath and think "sky is the limit."

if i could teleport to three days from now and be able to relax, i would. have everything magically waiting for me in my new room and the fun begins. but alas, i cannot. so for now, my life is scattered and in pieces across two locations and i will be breaking my back(i have thrown my back out the last 3 times ive moved) til it gets done. i have, literally, tons of furniture to move and 4 floors of life to weed through. however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and i can not wait for the sunshine!