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Friday, October 15, 2010

friday's random music video vol. XXXVIII

not a lot of hope for the autobots in transformers 3...

if bumblebee cant even beat a regular non-living chevy suburban...

i think the decepticonz have been playing it all wrong... you dont need weapons. you need strategically placed emergency response vehicles that completely disregard their own street closures...

btw - this was 10 blocks from my house!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ok i give up...

im bored with this blog. i am stuck with my thoughts all the time and putting them down on a blog just doesnt seem interesting.

im going to go in a new direction. i have a concept and im excited about it.

stay tuned... it should be good.

err... well, different anyways.

instant humility

Monday, October 11, 2010

wow simpsons... you got dark.

uh oh... skins learned how to play football

After Landry's interception, one Packer tried to strip the ball away from him. "Landry's got the biggest arms you've ever seen on a guy his size. You're going to try to strip the ball from him?" said linebacker Chris Wilson. "LaRon could have curled that guy."

what a fantastic game. and what a fantastic season this is shaping up to be. in a season where parody across the nfl is the most adequate way to describe the current season, i think we really have a chance.

sure we make a lot of bonehead mistakes. giving up a million points to the texans in the 4th quarter definitely goes on the short list but we bounce back, better than we have most previous seasons.

can you believe this is the first time we have won back to back games since middle of 2008?

honestly, i dont care who we lose to out of the nfc east. beating the favored packers was a bonus. i just want to beat the cowboys, eagles and giants. especially the cowboys and giants because their quarterbacks are tremendous babies (i have seen them both cry on the field) and i love when we make them sad.

this is the best redskins team in a long time for the following reasons:

1. LaRon Landry - he just pummels people play after play. look for the guy that is horizontal with the ground about to take out the ball carrier/receiver/blocker/ref/guy on the sideline taking pictures and its probably him.

2. Donovan McNabb - he is an actual NFL quarterback... tested and confident in his abilities. i had almost forgot what leadership at the quarterback position looked like...

3. Shanahans - father and son team that have real NFL coaching experience. as much as i liked the all the jokers (minus joe gibbs) that have graced us with their ineffective coaching, its nice to simply worry about the play of the 53 man roster and not have to worry about the loser coach messing things up.

ok - that was my thoughts on the game. all hail.