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Sunday, July 18, 2010

things that rock: day 18

day 18: flying

two words: first class. in my old job, i acquired an ample amount of points on us airways meaning that any time i fly with them, me and a guest get upgraded to first class. that means free food and most importantly, free drinks. i love flying for the mere fact that you are treated like royalty for the entirety of the flight. the other great thing of flying is the fact that obviously you are flying because you are heading somewhere far away and awesome. i love traveling and i have made it a goal to get out of the metropolitan area via air travel once a month at a minimum. this month, rylo and i are heading to an awesome wedding in alabama.

and yes, the flight in will be the official pregame. stoked.


  1. watch up in the air. solid flick

  2. i saw it with my parents... my mom cried because she thought my life was as empty as george clooney's. it was uncomfortable. i also had to assure my dad that i wasnt having an affair with a married woman...

  3. AHH!! I'm so excited about this Alabama trip you speak of.. it's going to be epic!!

  4. You know what isn't awesome, being stuck on a plane at your destination but unable to get off because of the freak tornado that decided rear its ugly head and take out a transformer making "unsafe" to be outside so the crew cannot come out and play do whatever is they do to connect the plane to the gate. Instead we will sit here for 1.5hrs and counting without united even offering us water even though they turned off the engine to conserve fuel which cuts off the air. Luckily my seat partner smells like sex panther. Flying rocks, but the process sucks. Oh yeah, there were 54 people trying to fly standby for this flight.