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Saturday, July 24, 2010

things that rock: day 24

ok... i know ive fallen behind on these but fear not, i will make sure no days is left unloved.

day 24: cell phones

i can not get enough of my cell phone and i HATE my cell phone. and yet im addicted to it. i only hate my cell phone because its a blackberry and the only way it works is when i smash it against a tree (i did that last night and it actually worked better... bizarre). but i have dreams about what it would be like to have a REAL smart phone. it almost blows my mind how much happier i would be. its almost to the point where i have NOT gotten a new phone because of my fear of disowning everyone i know and just spending time with my phone. how did people function without cell phones... i cant even imagine. i just have such a need for instant access and immediate responses... how could some like me have ever lived before cell phones.

today, while i was gently smashing my phone against a blunt object to get it to stop freezing... the little cover over the track ball came off and is now lost. looks like its time to finally make my dreams come true... EVO hear i come!

i dont know what 4G means but i like it. a lot.

happy birthday rob (boss)

Friday, July 23, 2010

friday's random music video vol. XXVI

just in time for the chromeo concert monday...

chromeo - "night by night"

things that rock: day 23

day 23: pepsi

in the epic battle of good versus more good, pepsi, in my humble opinion, out-performs coke in almost every category.

pepsi > coke

diet pepsi > diet coke

pepsi one < coke zero

pepsi max(diet pepsi's version of an energy drink) > coke's response (not sure what it is)

crystal pepsi > anything coke tried(sad it died out... so delicious)

one notable kick ass thing about pepsi... they are the official soda of taco bell and in fact, owned taco bell for some time. AWESOME. that alone makes pepsi the shit. coke is over-rated and too sugary for my taste. i feel like pepsi is the underdog and its american to root for the underdog.

so drink pepsi and stop hating america.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the world will carry you home tonight

charlie simpson - "thorns"

charlie is the lead singer of the english rock band fightstar and is putting out a solo album. this song is awesome. thanks to dustin for reminding me just how awesome it is.

"i get dressed up in my winter clothes
and step outside to look at the roses
but they're all covered in the morning snow.

just open your heart
and the world will carry you home tonight.

it will.

i get dressed up in my summer clothes
and step outside to look at the roses
but they're all covered in their sharpened thorns.

just open your eyes
and the world will follow you home tonight.

it will.

lets put on our raincoats
and trench ourselves in english weather
just to know we're free.
we'll bury our heads down beneath the old oak tree

but please
oh, now take this broken heart of mine.
it's the only beat that i have left
just pulsing through this empty chest
and i don't know where i should begin.

i get dressed up in my autumn clothes
and step out side to pick up the leaves and
i can not believe the whole year has gone.

i open my arms to embrace you.
it's time to go right back to the start.

lets put on our raincoats
and trench ourselves in english weather
just to know we're free.
we'll bury our heads down beneath the old oak tree

but please
oh, now take this broken heart of mine.
it's the only beat that i have left
just pulsing through this empty chest
and i don't know where i should begin."

things that rock: day 22

day 22: bowling

bowling is AWESOME. when i was younger(3rd grade) and lacked both coordination and self confidence, my mom decided that i needed a sport that required no natural talent or athletic prowess. hello bowling. i was great. i slowly learned how to throw a ball that curved and moved up the bowl america ranks. my junior year of high school, i participated in a tournament and won youth of the year. its not the super bowl... but its damn close.

i still play every now and then. it reminds of the days when i got trophies for 6th place. when i won awards like "highest score with handicap" and "most improved" and just generally celebrated mediocrity. those were the days.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

things that rock: day 21

day 21: coffee

the best part of waking up, as folgers used to tell us when we were younger, was the folgers in my cup. agreed. although, it doesnt have to be folgers... it can be ANYTHING as long as its dark, murky and after 3 cups, my heart rate has tripled.

it has come to the point that days that dont go well... are probably days i didnt drink coffee. i just dont have the same kick start to my day that i need. the remaining hours on a day without coffee just seem to get more and more difficult to stay awake and not call throw in the towel and crawl into bed.... at 2pm. the coffee that flows through my veins gives me strength to look the 5-day work week right in the face and say "what the hell is your problem?!" followed by a swift kick to the shin and then im on my way successville.

always a pleasure, coffee. also special thanks to dunkin donuts and starbucks for pumping me chalk full of coffee and espresso daily! not to mention giving refills away for pennies... you both are enablers!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

things that rock: day 20

day 20: fire

ok. im not talking about arson. im talking about controlled burning. now i cant lie, watching the controlled burns in the gulf are pretty awesome. obviously, i would trade that to have there not be any oil in the gulf but there is something awesome about huge flames. a few months ago, a bunch of friends hiked out to front royal and witnessed one of the biggest bonfires i have ever seen in person. it was several stories high. we had to back up 4 times until the heat was manageable.

as a kid, i used to take newspaper, crumple up pages into a ball, throw it into the fireplace and watch it burn. sometimes with colored ink, the flames would burn certain colors. it was awesome. maybe im a pyro. i think thats fair. but im not dangerous, i just enjoy a good flame. a little like a moth maybe. also a fair, but cliche comparison.

on the topic of fire, you know what does NOT rock? 100 degree humidity... its stupid hot out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

things that rock: day 19

day 19: free wi-fi

nothing is more important to me and to my job than free internet. its so crucial and i cant tell you how many hours i spend a week holding my laptop over my head like a cheap am/fm radio looking for a signal. i feel like chris farley from the movie black sheep with his damn cell phone meandering around the wooded mountains of washington state. "hello washington!!" he exclaims from the top of a mountain... we i sometimes want to yell the same thing when im just trying to get one bar of internet and cant understand why a majority of businesses refuse to invest in internet. at this point, its a basic right to have internet!

anyways i love internet and when its free, its even better. and when its free and right where i need it, well mazel tov to me... it must be my birthday!

this was all written from a table at a restaurant while waiting for a meeting to begin using someone's fee wi-fi

Sunday, July 18, 2010

things that rock: day 18

day 18: flying

two words: first class. in my old job, i acquired an ample amount of points on us airways meaning that any time i fly with them, me and a guest get upgraded to first class. that means free food and most importantly, free drinks. i love flying for the mere fact that you are treated like royalty for the entirety of the flight. the other great thing of flying is the fact that obviously you are flying because you are heading somewhere far away and awesome. i love traveling and i have made it a goal to get out of the metropolitan area via air travel once a month at a minimum. this month, rylo and i are heading to an awesome wedding in alabama.

and yes, the flight in will be the official pregame. stoked.