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Saturday, July 3, 2010

things that rock: day 3

day 3: whiskey

im sorry but when it comes a nice drink on a summer/winter/spring/fall evening, i cant help but fixate on the whiskeys that a bar has available. or if im just trying to get stuff to pregame with, sure i could grab a vodka or a rum... but then i have to figure out mixers. well thats a lot to have to worry about. its so much easier to just snag a bottle of woodford reserve/jim beam/kentucky gentlemen (depending how cheap im feeling that night) and just roll with that. give me a little glass, some ice and thats all i need to get me feeling airee (as rylo green would exclaim).

not only that but out of all the things i do, i feel like slow sipping a good whiskey or bourbon is something i see myself doing for a very long time. when im 85 years old, will i be going to the gym? probably not. will i be going to punk rock shows? only if my favorite bands are still rocking out 60 years later. sooo... probably not. will i be doing bar crawls? only if i get disoriented and fall in between a few drinking establishments and "crawl" to the safety of my walker/wheelchair/rascal. but sipping a whiskey on the rocks sitting out on the porch overlooking a bustling avenue re-telling old stories of throwing spoons in the road and drinking every time one gets run over by an unsuspecting motorist or when we used to sit on the rooftop and watch sunrises/sunsets is almost a sure-fire definite.

slow-sipping whiskey is something i will be doing for a long long time and its comforting to know that there is something that permanent in my life. so thank you James Beam and James Daniels and all the great revolutionaries on either side of the pond that works tirelessly to develop the tasty concoctions that i now imbibe so happily. That warm and tingly feeling that rolls down my throat is all thanks to you. cheers!

Friday, July 2, 2010

friday's random music video vol. XXIII

eve 6. they were awesome. my high school used "heres to the night" as the final dance at my prom. i cruised the strip (main 4 lane road in my hometown with several strip malls all along it) blasting their first album with the song "inside out." you know... the heart in a blender... beautiful oblivion song? yeah... that was awesome. this video takes me back and i love it.

good times.

eve 6 - "promise"

things that rock: day 2

day 2: taco bell

look, i know people are critical of the quality of meat at your local taco bell.

"ewww its like grade Q meat!!"

if you went to a gourmet mexican restaurant and ordered a burrito or a taco and they brought you 3 of tbell's finest, you'd love it! its a shame that our own perceptions and biases keep us from enjoying things in our lives. taco bell has provided me with a constant and at each location, i know exactly what to expect. i can order a chicken burrito supreme in any of the thousands of taco bell locations in the country and it will be delicious.

my last order consisted of:

one salsa roja tortada - new item and its incredible.

three chicken soft tacos - fresco style (that means no cheese. not a huge cheese fan and instead of just not getting cheese, fresco means they put pico de gallo on the taco instead... awesome?!)

two regular crunchy tacos - fresco style

two chicken fiesta burritos - fresco style

total bill: $11.53

you may notice that i get everything fresco style. well i do. the big thing is i dont really like cheese and im not a fan of a lot of their specialty sauces or even sour cream. what i want are the basics and then i flood that bad boy with hot sauce.

taco bell is cheap, tasty and the food is ready fast. i never have to wonder about whether it will be delicious or not. its always grade A in my book.

yo quiero taco bell!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

things that rock - the july edition

disclaimer: during this month, i will be doing my own rendition of "stuff white people like" or "365 things to do in dc" and make it all about me. really engage my narcissistic side. so without further ado... day 1.

Day 1: music videos

now for anyone who has been to the site before, you know i post 2,343,764.54 music videos a week. i love them. i think my love for them comes from the fact that i love music and i love deciphering the meaning behind the songs. a music video usually provides a window into what the artist had in mind when they originally wrote the song. sometimes watching a music video can significantly alter my initial interpretation of a song.

another reason i love them is that i love live shows. i love watching a band play a song i like live. most music videos have some element of live performance. no ticket required! a lot easier than driving to baltimore, waiting in line, paying money, trying to get home.... blah blah. granted i still love doing that, but 2am and im sleepy, a music video is way better.

at the end of the day, a music video is a 3 minute story with a terrific soundtrack. you dont have to get too invested if the story sucks. and if its awesome, every time you listen to the song, you now have a visual story that will stick with you.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a couple random thoughts...

1. i have lost all interest in the world cup. at this point, as a result of being extremely bitter that the US lost, im hoping the refs continue to make terrible calls. this way, when people look back, they will hold the entire tournament in contempt and i can say that the terrible refs led to the US exiting the tournament early. we dont want to participate in awful quality soccer. only the best!

2. i think i am going to do a themed month for july. im not going to tell you what im going to do but it will require a daily entry from me. im excited about it. oh you dont care?? well wait til you see what it is!

and then say you dont care.

3. my car reached 100,000 miles. at 999,850 miles, i got rear-ended. they tried to thwart my baby reaching a wonderful milestone but she lives on!

4. i think i love boston. maybe more than new york. im trying to make it back to new york but... im kind of leaning towards the green city(boston). all that being said, it is still well below the beaches of west LA. (corey, i want to come back!)

5. im going through a music phase that includes bands like yeasayer (i know kevin is fist-pumping somewhere) and old bands i used to love 10 years ago like The Stereo and Fenix TX. so its one part indie dance pop rock and one part classic emo pop punk. now if i could only find a band that mixed those two juuuuuuuuuust right...

6. i have re-discovered my love for taking over a dance floor at a bar and putting on a show. last weekend, the scene at madhatters was insane. i had people high-fiving me, cheering on and clapping for the crew, rylo had someone introduce themselves and tell him to call her... she unfortunately however stumbled off before giving her number. i dont think he really cared. am i a great dancer? no... do i know how to move to a beat? i think so. do i have crazy knees? absolutely.

7. my job involves almost 100% hanging out with the coolest people across the city. boo-yah.

8. i have not watched tv in 2 weeks. not because i dont want to, but because our new house has not been set up for cable yet. im dying. i miss adult swim. my friends peter, zoidburg, and shake... i long for you to make me smile once again.

9. living with your little brother is sweet. he is a crazy dude. and i love it.

10. boycott bp. i think its warranted. if they cant take it out of the ground safely, how can i be sure they can transfer it to my car safely... FROM THE GROUND? obviously, they are bad at transferring oil from one place to another. unless that place is one of the most fragile ecosystems in america. then they rise to the top. bastards.

ok that is all.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

italian punk rock... rocks.

Vanilla Sky - "Just Dance"

Vanilla Sky (NEW VIDEO ONLINE NOW!!) | MySpace Music Videos

eat your heart out gaga... this is a silly cover and i love the video. also, this was produced by one of my favorite singer/songwriter/producers ever jamie woolford from the bands animal chin, the stereo and let go.

by the way... that guy's stache is money.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

birthday week = success

thank you to everyone who came out this week at some point to help me celebrate.

crazy week. awesome.