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Friday, July 23, 2010

things that rock: day 23

day 23: pepsi

in the epic battle of good versus more good, pepsi, in my humble opinion, out-performs coke in almost every category.

pepsi > coke

diet pepsi > diet coke

pepsi one < coke zero

pepsi max(diet pepsi's version of an energy drink) > coke's response (not sure what it is)

crystal pepsi > anything coke tried(sad it died out... so delicious)

one notable kick ass thing about pepsi... they are the official soda of taco bell and in fact, owned taco bell for some time. AWESOME. that alone makes pepsi the shit. coke is over-rated and too sugary for my taste. i feel like pepsi is the underdog and its american to root for the underdog.

so drink pepsi and stop hating america.

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