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Monday, July 26, 2010

things that rock: day 26

day 26: chicken

grilled, fried, just the fingers, part of a turducken, a la brasa, in a soup, in a pie, shredded, chopped, broiled, steamed, spicy, luncheon meat, white meat, dark meat, drum sticks, hot wings... etc

now it may just be a coincidence that that i am starving but i love chicken. those damn clucking birds provide me with so much happiness... hell, i even like eggs! i recently had brunch at a restaurant in eastern market with my family. i ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato... and egg whites! yeah, that's right! i threw some eggs on that bad boy and it was scrumptious. now i know that especially in judaism, putting the mother and child on the same sandwich(1 in 100 million chance... so you're saying there's a chance...) is wrong but ill tell you what, in the same way a cheeseburger sometimes is just what the doctor ordered to cure that vicious hangover, eggs on a chicken sandwich was just what i need to cure my vicious empty stomach. so good. maybe i will be on the forefront of sandwiching and start a new fad!

oh man... i just made myself so frickin hungry... maybe i earned myself a run to taco bell... 3 chicken burritos and 3 chicken soft tacos!? yes please!!

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