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Friday, July 30, 2010

things that rock: day 30

day 30: weddings

weddings are the bomb. what else could you ask for. booze. dancing. more food than you know what to do with. a band and/or dj. they are the most epic party you can attend.

this past weekend, a good friend of mine i used to work with had a wedding in alabama. knowing this friend fairly well, i knew that this person knows how to throw a party so i HAD to go. so i made my plus one my buddy rylo for extreme party potential and we took off for the great state of alabama. the wedding was on a lake and we got there a full day before to really soak it all in. it was amazing. great people. great activities. and of course, more jim beam then you could squeeze out of kentucky at one time.

friday night was the after rehearsal dinner party which had a band and open bar and food... saturday afternoon was a party on the lake where people took life jackets, rode them like a horse, and bobbed in the lake while holding their drink of choice. i elected to knock it up a notch and go tubing. not the normal lazy river tubing that i thought... no no this was the get thrown in the river and pray kind of tubing. note to self: water at 30 mph is not as forgiving. ridiculously fun though... rylo does a great impression of me before i got launched for the first time... but ill give a quick preview...

i had yet to be thrown off and so the driver, with some of my friends giving him some advice, decides that he is going to "get rid" of me. he basically does donuts with me on the outside a three person tube. rylo is sitting next to me in the middle of the tube and other friend is on the far side. i quickly realize that im taking an extended joy ride and begin to scream to rylo "why are they trying to get rid of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" in a trailing away fashion and then splash.

at the time: hurt.

in retrospect: hilarious.

after a quick nap, off to the wedding which was held in a lake front open chapel that was gorgeous. granted the alabama heat made it a tougher ceremony than ones indoors but it was done as quickly and efficiently as possible and it was beautiful. i think rylo even shed a quick tear. he wont admit it... but he did.

then to parttttaaaaaaay....

lets see... there was champagne, tons of food (have you ever had fried quail!? its awesome!!), a NEW live band that did katy perry's cali girls and it was fantastic. they had jars and jars of firefly... it was awesome. we danced, we drank, we laughed... and we got drunk. real drunk. i will end the story there. i dont remember the rest and anything people tell me is just hearsay.

sunday morning, we had a hangover lunch at taco bell and then it was back on the plane.

weddings are awesome and i loved every second of this past weekend. seriously, its hard not to have a blast at a wedding and its easy when the people are incredible.

special thanks my dear friend from the great state alabama who let me (and rylo) join in their celebration.

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