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Thursday, July 29, 2010

things that rock: day 29

day 29: pets

i miss my puppy. her name is nikki and she was only 6 weeks old when she fell asleep on my foot and i decided to throw all my support(as much as 6th grader has) behind selecting her as our family dog. what followed was 15 years of fun times, great memories, a few scares and whole lot of love. however, i went to college and then moved back to the city but always living with buddies. i still see my pup here and there but not as much anymore. not since the last few days of high school, have i truly known what its like to have a pet.

all that changed in november of last year when a buddy of mine moved in with me and brought along two cats. i dont typically like cats. however, i realized how much i had been craving a pet, whether it be a dog, a cat or a nematode. SOMETHING. one of the cats he brought and i hit it off immediately. my buddy told me that this cat was extremely skiddish and spent most of its time hiding next to the toilet before moving in with us. however, after just 3 months of me constantly giving the cat some TLC, his personality completely changed. granted, in retrospect, i feel bad for unleashing about 9 years of not-having-a-pet affection that had been building up... but it appears as though we both needed it. a few months later my buddy moved and it was a sad scene. but it made me realize something. someone like me just needs a pet.

someone like me? so... an emo, self-proclaimed athletic type with constant craving for taco bell? no no.

someone who likes to talk a lot whether it be to humans or to animals, both usually having no idea what your talking about??? not exactly... geez im pretty critical of myself.

no, i mean someone who can be affectionate(i know, im a tool). someone who likes having something that is constantly ready for a back scratching session or a fun simple game involving a toy being thrown and eagerly brought back. there is just something about an animal's unconditional love. i think everyone needs a pet.

so you ask, what is my perfect pet?

a big 100 plus pound white alaskan husky with sky blue eyes. i love these animals and they are silly intelligent. also very affectionate. very protective and yet playful. so that's the dream. definitely in the next 5 years. until then, im going to continuously drop by my buddy's place because i just "happened" to be in the area and play with my old feline pal.

maybe i should just get a job as a pet sitter...

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