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Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!

instead of a funny mother's day themed video, i think im just going to share a little cautionary tale from this past weekend of what not to do on mother's day.

my little brother decided that he wanted to go sky diving. sure! go for it. however, he schedules this little stunt on a "free" weekend in may in new york city. he and his friends schedule the actual jump for that sunday morning. as you have probably figured out, it turned out that he was to jump out of a plane on mother's day 400 miles away from home with a worried mother feeling helpless.

needless to say, my mom was, well, not pleased that he 1. wasnt going to be able to see her on mother's day and 2. was JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE on her day.

here is the best part. because of wind, the jump was canceled. he is now planning to go back to new york in a month for a rescheduled jump... around father's day.

so thank you to my brother for making me look good. again.

(brother, if you are reading this and feel i have misrepresented you, please feel free to set the story straight.)

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