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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

punk rock poetry is neat. part 3

by kenny vasoli (frontman of PersonL and ex-frontman of the starting line)

plane of thought:
here lay a pensive lettering of my thoughts gathering around and chatting about ratting out dreams of the concious knowing you are waking up soon. with the facts that i am given, and to say that i even know what's going on isn't true, i could use one or two clues before i can get back to you. but i've got a few questions open for suggestions. like what does it mean when a dream just won't leave and you wake up to face a figment of belief? if i made the corrections and constant reflections to mistakes i made would a single thing change? it is strange for me to feel this way? and i wait... make lightning strike if the answer is yes! if it's no... then so be it, but i still want to know who i ask about the reason behind the story repeating itself. could someone be the least bit of help?

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