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Friday, May 7, 2010

(mini) road trip!

rylo and i are jumping in the car and heading to the great steel city of pittsburgh for the weekend to hang with one of our roommates.

now, i havent been to pittsburgh since i was younger so of course, i did what anyone from our generation does when they are curious about something, and i googled "pittsburgh information." as i browsed, i found out some neat information including the city lost the "h" after its name for 20 years until finally, through protests and petitions, they reclaimed their beloved final letter. WOW! thats just a taste of the cool stuff i found out...

then i stumbled upon this little gem. enjoy.

could you imagine?! voting pittsburgh the best city in the country!? those must have been some pretty crazy times in the 80s...

this video is dedicated to mimi and brandon

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