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Thursday, May 13, 2010

sometimes the truth hurts...

i know... how dare i mess with the raw awesomeness that is "lost."

well, to be fair, i havent watched the show since i missed a week back in 2007. i tried to watch the next one without going back, and about 10 minutes in, simply gave up. the plot lines are too twisted and confusing and every episode made me that much more frustrated with continuously creating more questions... and providing significantly less answers.

so if you are a die hard fan that has made it through all the twists, turns, theories, time periods, flashbacks, monsters, and subsequent hours upon hours spent trying to theorize what's actually going on with your friends, instead of focusing on jobs/relationships/bills/children/health... congratulations.

as for me, i admit that im a quitter and gave up... and once again, allowed social events to once again occur on tuesday nights that did not center around a tv, a note pad (to track the plot... yes, i have seen people take notes... on the tv show "lost") and a computer to google what so and so said 3 seasons ago to determine who wins an argument.

to me, the word "lost" still has a negative conotation around not having an answer or information that one is seeking at some level. and to be honest, after this week's episode and all the frustrated moans and groans that ive heard from the "lost" elite, it sounds like that feeling is shared across the board. with all the terrible and truly negative things to be concerned with going on the REAL planet earth, in this dimension... im just glad "lost" is not something on my list.

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