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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i shouldnt "sweat" the small stuff...

yesterday, as i was minding my own business, walking down m street in georgetown, i passed the bouncer of a local strip joint. usually the bouncers will try to make conversation with you, attmepting to make you feel comfortable with popping into a strip club during daylight(work) hours. this bouncer followed suit, making eye contact with me and making a comment.

now, its the comment he made that in retrospect, im not sure how to take.

(real quick back story: i was wearing khakis and a grey sweater that my old roommate gave to me when he was moving out. its not my normal look but yesterday was chilly and everything else was at the cleaners so i went with it. i had never worn it before.)

the bouncer says to me: "hey man... nice sweater."

his inflections were indecipherable and i have been thinking about this comment over and over for the past 24 hours.

did he mean:
1. hey big guy, i like your sweater. where did you get it? when im not wearing all black, standing outside of a strip club, maybe id wear it!

2. im a bouncer and could easily kill you. your sweater is dumb.

3. i bet if i compliment this guy, he will be so flattered, he will indulge me and come into the club, doubling our current occupancy on a monday afternoon.

4. who the hell wears sweaters in may?!

5. my sister has that sweater!

as you can tell, im wasting a lot of brain power on this and really should let it go. im hoping this blog will help me exorcise my sweater insecurity.

(just for the record, i did NOT enter this establishment)

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