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Thursday, July 1, 2010

things that rock - the july edition

disclaimer: during this month, i will be doing my own rendition of "stuff white people like" or "365 things to do in dc" and make it all about me. really engage my narcissistic side. so without further ado... day 1.

Day 1: music videos

now for anyone who has been to the site before, you know i post 2,343,764.54 music videos a week. i love them. i think my love for them comes from the fact that i love music and i love deciphering the meaning behind the songs. a music video usually provides a window into what the artist had in mind when they originally wrote the song. sometimes watching a music video can significantly alter my initial interpretation of a song.

another reason i love them is that i love live shows. i love watching a band play a song i like live. most music videos have some element of live performance. no ticket required! a lot easier than driving to baltimore, waiting in line, paying money, trying to get home.... blah blah. granted i still love doing that, but 2am and im sleepy, a music video is way better.

at the end of the day, a music video is a 3 minute story with a terrific soundtrack. you dont have to get too invested if the story sucks. and if its awesome, every time you listen to the song, you now have a visual story that will stick with you.

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