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Friday, July 2, 2010

things that rock: day 2

day 2: taco bell

look, i know people are critical of the quality of meat at your local taco bell.

"ewww its like grade Q meat!!"

if you went to a gourmet mexican restaurant and ordered a burrito or a taco and they brought you 3 of tbell's finest, you'd love it! its a shame that our own perceptions and biases keep us from enjoying things in our lives. taco bell has provided me with a constant and at each location, i know exactly what to expect. i can order a chicken burrito supreme in any of the thousands of taco bell locations in the country and it will be delicious.

my last order consisted of:

one salsa roja tortada - new item and its incredible.

three chicken soft tacos - fresco style (that means no cheese. not a huge cheese fan and instead of just not getting cheese, fresco means they put pico de gallo on the taco instead... awesome?!)

two regular crunchy tacos - fresco style

two chicken fiesta burritos - fresco style

total bill: $11.53

you may notice that i get everything fresco style. well i do. the big thing is i dont really like cheese and im not a fan of a lot of their specialty sauces or even sour cream. what i want are the basics and then i flood that bad boy with hot sauce.

taco bell is cheap, tasty and the food is ready fast. i never have to wonder about whether it will be delicious or not. its always grade A in my book.

yo quiero taco bell!

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