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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a couple random thoughts...

1. i have lost all interest in the world cup. at this point, as a result of being extremely bitter that the US lost, im hoping the refs continue to make terrible calls. this way, when people look back, they will hold the entire tournament in contempt and i can say that the terrible refs led to the US exiting the tournament early. we dont want to participate in awful quality soccer. only the best!

2. i think i am going to do a themed month for july. im not going to tell you what im going to do but it will require a daily entry from me. im excited about it. oh you dont care?? well wait til you see what it is!

and then say you dont care.

3. my car reached 100,000 miles. at 999,850 miles, i got rear-ended. they tried to thwart my baby reaching a wonderful milestone but she lives on!

4. i think i love boston. maybe more than new york. im trying to make it back to new york but... im kind of leaning towards the green city(boston). all that being said, it is still well below the beaches of west LA. (corey, i want to come back!)

5. im going through a music phase that includes bands like yeasayer (i know kevin is fist-pumping somewhere) and old bands i used to love 10 years ago like The Stereo and Fenix TX. so its one part indie dance pop rock and one part classic emo pop punk. now if i could only find a band that mixed those two juuuuuuuuuust right...

6. i have re-discovered my love for taking over a dance floor at a bar and putting on a show. last weekend, the scene at madhatters was insane. i had people high-fiving me, cheering on and clapping for the crew, rylo had someone introduce themselves and tell him to call her... she unfortunately however stumbled off before giving her number. i dont think he really cared. am i a great dancer? no... do i know how to move to a beat? i think so. do i have crazy knees? absolutely.

7. my job involves almost 100% hanging out with the coolest people across the city. boo-yah.

8. i have not watched tv in 2 weeks. not because i dont want to, but because our new house has not been set up for cable yet. im dying. i miss adult swim. my friends peter, zoidburg, and shake... i long for you to make me smile once again.

9. living with your little brother is sweet. he is a crazy dude. and i love it.

10. boycott bp. i think its warranted. if they cant take it out of the ground safely, how can i be sure they can transfer it to my car safely... FROM THE GROUND? obviously, they are bad at transferring oil from one place to another. unless that place is one of the most fragile ecosystems in america. then they rise to the top. bastards.

ok that is all.


  1. I call BS on number 8. We watched the last 20 minutes of The Shining while I was supposed to be working on Monday. Well, okay. I watched it. You hid your eyes and cried fill in the rest.

  2. I received a text message Sat. night to come to Madhatters because "the Jarchos" were there!! So sad to be out of town and miss the dance party.

  3. to dustin - you are correct. i have watched tv at other houses... but i have yet to use any of the 50 plus inch flat screens that are scattered across my house. that all being said... i bought you a cheesesteak... and this is how you repay me!? you owe me some jeremiah weed whiskey.

    to laura - you missed out. we were a show. we tore it up out there and then we came back to capitol hill and watched the sunrise from my rooftop. next time you might think twice before leaving town ever again.