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Saturday, July 3, 2010

things that rock: day 3

day 3: whiskey

im sorry but when it comes a nice drink on a summer/winter/spring/fall evening, i cant help but fixate on the whiskeys that a bar has available. or if im just trying to get stuff to pregame with, sure i could grab a vodka or a rum... but then i have to figure out mixers. well thats a lot to have to worry about. its so much easier to just snag a bottle of woodford reserve/jim beam/kentucky gentlemen (depending how cheap im feeling that night) and just roll with that. give me a little glass, some ice and thats all i need to get me feeling airee (as rylo green would exclaim).

not only that but out of all the things i do, i feel like slow sipping a good whiskey or bourbon is something i see myself doing for a very long time. when im 85 years old, will i be going to the gym? probably not. will i be going to punk rock shows? only if my favorite bands are still rocking out 60 years later. sooo... probably not. will i be doing bar crawls? only if i get disoriented and fall in between a few drinking establishments and "crawl" to the safety of my walker/wheelchair/rascal. but sipping a whiskey on the rocks sitting out on the porch overlooking a bustling avenue re-telling old stories of throwing spoons in the road and drinking every time one gets run over by an unsuspecting motorist or when we used to sit on the rooftop and watch sunrises/sunsets is almost a sure-fire definite.

slow-sipping whiskey is something i will be doing for a long long time and its comforting to know that there is something that permanent in my life. so thank you James Beam and James Daniels and all the great revolutionaries on either side of the pond that works tirelessly to develop the tasty concoctions that i now imbibe so happily. That warm and tingly feeling that rolls down my throat is all thanks to you. cheers!

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