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Thursday, July 8, 2010

things that rock: day 8

day 8: frozen yogurt... aka fro-yo!

im going to get some delicious fro-yo right now and i will report back at how delicious it was later tonight. and i promise you, it WILL be delicious.

hours later...

well, i had a medium fro-yo as promised. i got my delicious treat from sweet green. i got an original yogurt and three toppings. those toppings included granola, strawberry and mango. it was as delicious as it sounds. in 100-plus degree heat, it was an ice cold trip down heavenly lane.

if you are outside for more than 36 seconds today, do yourself a favor and drop $5 on a fro-yo and let it cool you to the core.

hours even later than that...

i want more fro-yo...

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