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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

things that rock: day 7

day 7: my job

i love what i do. i work for my best friend. my clients are some of the most interesting people in the city. i set up happy hours every week. my job consists of talking to people every day.

a year ago, i was in a traveling consultant job where i got to fly across the country every week. it was great at first. i slowly realized that i was living out of a suitcase, even when i was home. i slowly realized i was losing myself. after a significant life change at the end of last year, i began working for my best friend from high school. there is little to no job security and who knows whether where this little endeavor will last or go anywhere... who knows. who cares. dont get me wrong, i do care but im loving what im doing so much that i also kind of dont really care. living in the now and enjoying the view. i do know though that i have never enjoyed working as much as i do and regardless of whether this lasts or not, definitely one of greatest experiences of my life.

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  1. That's awesome. It's so hard to find a job you love. Let the days that rock continue.