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Monday, July 5, 2010

things that rock: day 5

day 5: rooftops

last night as i sat on my rooftop looking out across the district, the capitol building and the washington monument, i think about all those years i spent rooftop-less. how did i make it through all those years without constant access to such a place. there is a freedom to sitting on a rooftop. all that lies between you and the heavens is miles and miles of air, clouds, stars and the occasional airplane or two. beautiful.

with my boy chris jones providing a soundtrack of acoustic versions of some of the best rock songs from the last 20 years, we rang in the anniversary of the birth of this great country with beer, bbq and national firework displays all within the confines and comfort of our own little slice of capitol hill. across the next five or so hours, stories were shared, friendships were created and most importantly, fun was had. sure we could have done something similar to this at our old place in arlington but the difference is the rooftop. the ascension above everyone else and the feeling of being completely removed from everyday struggles and stresses. its liberating... annnnnnnnnnnd you can be noisy til the wee hours of the morning.

if the 4th of july teaches us anything, its the importance of freedom. well to me, rooftops ARE freedom. so let rooftops ring! (see what i did there?!)


  1. up on the rooftops listening to punk rock, nobody believed us, this could be our one shot

  2. that was all we had... the nights that we wasted got us through the days that seemed never ending,
    always in a haze but we just didn't care.

    great song.