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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

things that rock: day 6

day 6: the beach

well... im sure nothing you dont already know but still something that needs to be stated. there is no better destination than a beach. think about it. during the summer when its unbearably hot outside, there is a nice cool wave to dive into to immediately cool you off. in the winter, the ocean water keeps the air at a moderate temperature and is there anything better than having a december beach party in the middle of the night where everyone is decked out in sweat pants, hoodies and a few drinks to warm you up from the inside? the correct answer is no. just make sure there is a boombox nearby that runs on batteries to ensure the beach dance party is in full effect.

as of now, i have not made it to the beach this summer. my tan, or lack their of, is a testament to the lack of beach-ination in my life currently. but the great thing about going to a beach is that there is little to no planning necessary. there are enough beaches within a few hours that if i wanted to go to a beach, i could do it. bring the bocce set. bring the cooler filled to the brim with some beers. bring board shorts and towels. all rolled together to make one killer day trip.

i think one of the most important things that a beach brings to the table are the sunrises and sunsets. is there anything more beautiful... or emo? not a chance. i will say, west coast beaches have it made. the sunsets over the pacific are insane and while a sunrise on the east coast is nice, you gotta work for that sunrise a lot harder than a west coast sunset. after a long day of drinking beers on the beach, its a tall order to then try and stay up for a 530am sunrise.

all in all, beaches are wonderful and glorious places. i suggest planning a trip to one immediately. especially with bp on the warpath, who knows how long we have our east coast beaches oil free...

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