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Monday, February 8, 2010

well... nobody's perfect. including me... sorta.

ok. i was wrong. colts lost. disregard the majority of the previous post.

however, i did predict the right score... which is really much harder to do if you think about it. there are so many combinations! who wins the game is just 50/50. so with that logic, i really won.

by the way, does anyone else think that the head honchos at disney are licking their chops at the prospect of making a feel-good sports movie about the saints??

my prediction on the casting of the main characters:

sean payton
, the main protagonist(coach of the new orleans saints) played by greg kinnear. rationale: he looks like him.

peyton manning will be played by vince vaughn. rationale: "i was first team all-state. i can put the ball anywhere i want to. i'll make it rain out here." - wedding crashers. also little known fact, vince has a small role as a member of the fightin irish football team in the movie rudy.

drew brees will be played by luke wilson. rationale: while he does somewhat resemble drew brees... i also think luke is primed for a comeback (im pretty sure being the at&t spokesman is not a sign of how hot his career is at the moment) and what better than to play a qb who fights back to succeed during his own comeback. its quite poetic really.

artistic license will be used to alter the following:

the score will be a lot closer

last second touchdown for the saints to win

injury to drew brees at the end of the 2nd quarter and the drama that occurs at halftime about whether he can come back in or not...

peyton is a jerk who talks a lot of trash about how the colts are the best team ever and will crush the saints...

not gonna lie, i think i just made a sure-fire blockbuster movie! dinsey, im not that expensive if you want to talk partnership...

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