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Sunday, February 7, 2010

a superbowl prediction by someone completely unqualified to make a superbowl prediction...

colts win.

peyton manning is a freak. he could be throwing to a jello mold and still find a way to make a perfect pass. not only peyton, but his supporting cast is a great group of players. addai is a great receiver out of the back field, garcon and wayne are fantastic receivers and dallas clark is money. so many weapons and the saints defense has been plagued by injuries. not a good combination.

dont get me wrong, saints are good. however, lets be honest, they should have lost to minnesota, who basically handed the game to the saints... literally. they fumbled 5 times, and usually saved it for when they were in the red zone. i know i know, good teams find a way to win. i hear you but honestly, the redskins could have beaten the vikings two weeks ago. they played that badly. it had less to do with how "well" the saints played and more about how horrendous the vikings played.

now, i do need to clarify that being a trojan fan, i do love reggie bush (best player money can buy!). however, he just hasnt played consistently all season and two weeks ago, with the intense case of butter fingers he displayed on national television, he definitely seemed to be having some issues. he is the saints' special teams and the saints need him to contribute in a significant way for them to have a chance. i think he will play tight and cautious and thus, will be less effective.

barring some kind of ridiculous meltdown by the colts or a horrific injury to peyton, i think the colts bring some more hardware back to indiana...

colts: 31 - 17.

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