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Friday, February 12, 2010

RIP walter fredrick "fred" morrison

i know this is my first post to this charade known as a blog, and the idea of it being about the death of an american hero might seem morbid, but i feel the need to enlighten everyone about my feelings of the frisbee.

i love the frisbee. i'm not good at it, but hey, i try and sometimes that's all that matters. going back to my college days, i loved the idea of going outside with some duders and tossing the disc around like a couple of playboys. but alas, it also makes me remember the famed ultimate frisbee teams of every liberal arts college. with names like brock, turner, harrison, and prescott, the sport of disc could only inspire such names.

fred, as i've known him since i was a little child with little ambition, will never be forgotten. he ranks up there with the likes of richard knerr and arthur spud melin (creators of the hula hoop), gert f. kolbel (inventor of the koosh ball), and lonnie johnson (inventor of the watergun) as heroes to every child. RIP fred and your legacy will never forgotten, but merely lost in the 3rd aisle of toys "r" us.

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