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Monday, July 12, 2010

things that rock: day 12

day 12: acoustic sets

there is nothing i like more than to take some of the most aggressive and rocking music i hold so dear to my little emo punk rock heart and strip it down to an unplugged guitar or two. there is something that just makes those songs sound like they are that much more meaningful. now since the days of MTV unplugged when i watched almost every episode, i began falling in love with acoustic versions of rock songs. i remember watching the nirvana unplugged set over and over... kurt killed himself within a year of that session being recorded... almost every dedication showed clips from that performance. whether it was nirvana or my love for old school dashboard confessional where he would get on stage in front of a mosh pit with a stool and a guitar and just riff out some lovelorn diddy... i go bonkers for a good acoustic version.

below is a good example of what makes me want to rock out sitting indian-style with a lighter...

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