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Saturday, July 17, 2010

things that rock: day 17

day 17: drunk night storytelling

there is nothing better than sitting around with your buddies and playing back an entire evening and most importantly, filling in the blanks. recently, i have not laughed as hard as when we have run through the ridiculous happenings from the night prior. living with the 3 guys i live with now, i have decided we are hilarious individuals. and having only lived in the house we currently live in for a month, we have already created a years worth of hilarious drunk stories. the bonus is when you have to back track, starting from where you woke up and having your friends help you piece together the random flashes of things you remember. amazing AND so funny. definitely why sunday mornings are hands down, the best time of the week.

special thanks goes out to jim beam, pinnacle vodka and the wonderful people at dan's cafe.

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