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Sunday, July 11, 2010

things that rock: day 11

day 11: sporting events that are celebrated

today was the world cup finals. unfortunately, the usa team was not involved. even still, millions of people across the country tuned in to see whether those talented spaniards would find a way to squeek out another victory against a very physical netherlands team. and we didnt just tune in... we showed up at a bar several hours before kick-off and ate and drank ourselves into a happy buzz.

i love these events. super bowls... olympic events... nba finals... march madness... college bowl games... all of these events have a storyline that feeds our interest. and to really enjoy that interest, we go out and get drunk. its incredible and awesome. whether its your team... or the team the octopus predicted as the winner, you pick a side and you throw down in enjoyment of the competitive spirit.

congrats to the spanish... and now its time to turn my attention to the redskins... super bowl baby!

happy birthday carl (no speed carl)

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