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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Uncle {Jiggles} has a nice ring to it...

just got fantastic news that one of my best friends from high school, along with his wife, a good friend of mine from college (i introduced them!), are going to have a baby girl in January!!!

now, im not one to get baby fever but this is HUGE! the first of my group of five buddies, all best friends since at least 8th grade (some since elementary school) and continue to remain real close to this day, to have a kid.

WATCH OUT WORLD! We have begun to multiply. I'm so pumped. I will also be requesting that until the baby is born, everyone now refer to me as uncle {jiggles}, regardless of whether you know my buddy or not. i want to get used to it so when i hear it at xmas, passover seder, thanksgiving and any time i surprise them in cleveland, i answer to it without question.

CONGRATS TO CARL AND KAREN AND THEIR BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL TO BE! 2010 has been good but this little bundle of joy will kick off 2011 with a solid amount of awesomeness!

ps i am officially giving you permission to make her middle name {jiggles}... just so that's cleared up and out of the way.

**names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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