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Monday, August 16, 2010

i mean... this is normal... right?

there is something so amazing about throwing a really good house party. ESPECIALLY when people set it up for you. lets run through some of the highlights of this past weekend's party at my house...

1. i finally got to wear the youth small parachute t-shirt (as seen above, no to mention a sweet giraffe mask!) my buddy chris jones sold me at a parachute show forgetting i am not in fact a youth small.

2. my roommate set up a full club in the basement including but not limited to: stage lights, double record turntable, fog machine and he dj'ed all night! (pictured below)

3. chillin on the rooftop watching three guys fall over themselves on the other side of the street having just left our party

4. hung out with a cast member of the real world new orleans. i told him i wasnt a fan... he seemed to be ok with it. we did take a shot together so i think we are good terms

5. there was a lot of obligatory dancing

6. the punch!!! twas delish.

7. old and new friends... more new than old though as no one in the house actually arranged the party

all in all, saturday night was a show, literally and figuratively. good times had by all. also, i need to party in board shorts more often. or maybe i just need to wear more shorts in general... my brother would be proud.

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