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Thursday, May 6, 2010

"im a cover band that covers other cover bands covering bands"

owl city, you know, the fireflies band (guy), who sounds just like the postal service...

what?! dont agree? or dont know who postal service is/was?

ok well take a listen and you tell me...

this is owl city:

and... this is the postal service:

sounds the same right?! so we all agree that owl city is an over-produced replica.

in fact, when i first heard this owl city song on the radio, i was so pumped because i thought the postal service was back... nope. just a watered down newer version... oh well.

but thats not the point of this... the point is that the guy from owl city, which is just one guy, named adam young, now has a side project called sky sailing, which is just one guy, named adam young. just take a listen to owl ci... eh hm, i mean sky sailing's new songs.

hmmm intriguing...

so let me get this straight. adam young, under the name owl city, makes an entire album that sounds extremely similar to the postal service... almost in a "lets make a record and get famous because everyone will think this is the old band's new album!?" kinda way. and then decides he needs a break from his band (consisting of only himself) after ONE album to explore other creative thoughts he has and he ends up with a band called sky sailing (consisting of only himself) and the only difference is there is an acoustic guitar and drums instead of a synthesizer. he even keeps the vocal auto-tune.

hey adam, hey big guy, listen, not to second guess your obvious groundbreaking musical genius and ingenuity... but sky sailing sounds like (is) an acoustic owl city... which, as it turns out, sounds like (is) a 2009 version of the postal service... dont worry though, millions of tweeners will buy both albums and you will make twice as much money, which im sure is the true reason for your duplication of the same sound... twice, by yourself.

so good luck with the apparent dissociative (musical)identity disorder! i hope you can keep them straight when youre on tour...

boy, i cant wait to hear what this guy does next!!!

cause i probably already have.


  1. oh my gosh. this post is amazing! then again, the majority of your posts are. but seriously adam young is ridiculous :| He just needs to stop the shenanigans.