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Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42

a friend of mine needed a ride from their apartment to their office.

(the following is the result...)

i showed up to their place and helped them carry some things from their building. as we turn the corner, a wonderful meter maid sporting a pick up truck and flashing yellow lights is eye-ticketing my car hard. knowning that i had left my car in a metered spot and decided to live life on the edge, i knew that i had seconds before the unthinkable.

i ran.

he hopped out of his truck and saw me running.

he gave it a slight jog.

what an ass.

we arrive at my car at the same time. i tell him that i am right here and there is no reason to write me a ticket. he agrees... but only if i put some change in the meter. WHAT!? dude. for a nickel, you will let me off the hook. otherwise, its a $40 ticket. i tried to be reasonable with the man. he kept pushing it.

"put a coin in the meter or im giving you a ticket!"

"i could just leave and its all the same." (i have NO coins... who carries change anymore. get the credit card readers arlington... even the crappiest parts of dc have them... richest area in the state and we are expected to carry quarters and nickels?! insane.)

"the meter is blinking red. unless, its not blinking red, i have to give you a ticket."

"so you want me to throw a quarter in the meter and then drive off??"

"im going to start writing the ticket."

at this moment, my friend offers to run to her place and grab a quarter. yes. 1/4 mile back to her place, up 3 flights and back, for a damn quarter.

she takes off for the quarter!

i return glance at the meter maid...

"are you seriously going to make her run all the way to her apartment to grab a quarter?! seriously guy?"


he looks at her running into her building... and all of sudden, his heart had a grinch-like size jump... well either that or he thought she was going to tear him a new one for being ridiculous... she could have too.

"you know what, im going to go. i believe you that you will put a coin in the meter. thank you and have a good day."

and just like that, the little dude with his chuck-e-cheese badge jumps in his truck and takes off.

i try and call my friend but its too late, she has gone all the way to her place and back with change.

moral of the story: guys dont like to beat up by women and if you have power, even if it is as slight as patrolling all the parking meters in a 5 block radius, dont let it go to your head. karma homie... big fat karma...

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