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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 41

so... ashlee simpson and pete wentz are getting a divorce. they lasted just a shade longer than ashlee's music career... to be fair, i was going to say pete's dignity but when you start your career by flashing some tweeners your junk on myspace, it doesnt give me a lot to work with.

not going to lie, im kind of excited about this. fall out boy started to suck when pete fell in love with ashlee. the music got too complex and silly for a pop punk band and the lyrics really fell off. no more great emo one liners... no more graphic imagery... just redundant metaphors about how hard it is being famous. maybe fob will re-unite and make awesome pre-2007 music again!!

and apparently with no pre-nup, and ashlee filing for both child and spousal support, i think pete just got a bit more incentive for a reunion...

emo fodder in the making

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