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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34

i found myself in a starbucks tonight in adams morgan, finished with work that needed my immediate attention but still an hour left on the parking meter. i decided to just sit tight at the starbucks, slightly adjust my chair so i had a front row seat to the outside world and enjoy the show.

i sometimes get so wrapped up with every check box, every to-do on my list that i forget to stop and look around. i sat in that seat, staring out onto 18th and columbia and just watched life unfold in front of me while i nursed a cafe americano.

for an hour, i watched people scurry about. some coming from or going to their yoga class, with their mats harnessed to them like a satchel. others seemed to be coming home from work. some were families getting a late dinner. and there were some who aimlessly walked about the intersection without purpose. nothing particularly earth shattering to report, just a solid hour where my brain took a breather.

unfortunately, this was only temporary, catching my watch for a second realizing that my car was over the time limit. i hustled from my cozy spot and ran out into the cold and took the long drive home.

(sigh) and... the beat goes on.

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