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Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31

here are a couple things i learned this weekend:
1. there are, in fact, people who have not seen the WTD rap video! i was shocked.
2. there is a wedding planner in capitol hill that loves to buy me lemon drop shots! he was nice.
3. bars in capitol hill dont like it when people do the cupid shuffle...
4. those same bars also dont like it when you knock over a table with glasses and pitchers on it (please refer to point 3)
5. if you get stuck in the snow, your floor mats placed under the tires can free you!
6. a car blasting music on an ice rink while people dance around it is awesome
7. there is nothing wrong with driving 45 minutes north just to play uno AND apples to apples!
8. four loko plus long island iced tea makes you bad at cooking late night pasta
9. you can pull a muscle playing buck hunter
10. if you feel bad about yourself, watch episodes of tosh.0 until you feel better. it wont take long...

oh, hello monday.

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