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Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7

wow, i haven't been in dc for a weekend in a while... i kinda miss it.

with that said... hey new york, im back!!!!

*mid-day addition*

living so close to my parents has made it almost a weekly trip on the weekends to go spend time with them. lately though, because of my schedule and leaving town on the weekends, i have not seen them very much in the last two months. in fact, this year was the first time i didn't spend christmas day eating chinese food and seeing a movie with them. coincidentally, the number of phone calls to check-in have dramatically increased...

earlier this week, i surprised my parents by stopping by on a weekday unannounced. and you know, its hard to express the feeling you have when you walk into a place and the joy that just your presence creates is almost overwhelming. even my 16 year old sheltie pulled herself up, persevering through arthritis that affects her hips and closely followed me around the house, nuzzling my leg the few times she was able to catch up(dont worry, i stopped a lot and provided her with positive reinforcement).

i just sometimes need to take a step back, remove myself from my hectic day to day, and focus on the things that really matter.

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