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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4

there is a bar called "the penny farthing" in nyc on 3rd avenue and 10th near nyu. i walked into the bar around 1:30am alone and made my way through the crowds to the downstairs bar. upon entering the room, i said hello to my friends i was meeting up with and took off my jacket. the moment my jacket landed on the pile of other coats, this particular song began playing...

my reaction was instinctive.

i may or may not have started a dance party that included me, my friends, my friends' friends and several nyu students that were pulled into the excitement. the dance party lasted until the basement bar was closed, to which we responded by simply moving the party upstairs. you cant stop us... you can only hope we'll let you join in.

can you tell im having a little nyc withdrawl...?

special thanks to monster energy drinks. you are not delicious with vodka, but you are effective.

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