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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

who really is scott pilgrim...?!

scott pilgrim vs the world = great movie.

saw it last night with my roommates.

if you havent seen it, and you have any memory of the late 80s - early 90s... you should totally go and see it. yes it has its emo tendencies... ok its pretty significantly emo but its a good time.

ok and while im feeling this stream of consciousness thing... the concept is amazing both in literal meaning and in figurative. the idea of having to face a new person your dating's exes... its so awesome. think about every time you have run into the other person's ex... you are totally posturing... and if life were actually a video game, you would totally battle. now there are always those situations where the ex is still good friends with your new squeeze but if even for just a second, the idea may just skip across your mind. thats the literal sense. the figurative sense is more real. in a way you always battle against someone's exes. their whole take on relationships has been groomed and developed because of those previous relationships...

yes its a michael cera movie which means its very awkward... but its a video game love story with a indie punk rock twist. i mean come on... wasnt that all that mario was when you break it down!? just a plumber trying to save his princess... the only difference is that mario was frustrating... (yeah so what if i never beat those games... i was too busy... well... doing other lame stuff i guess) and this movie is just fun enjoyment.

rock on young savior!

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