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Monday, August 9, 2010

when life gives you lemons... go right to corporate.

for those that know me... it has been a tough couple weeks. really having to do almost exclusively with my car. just so many issues. i found myself getting really upset and cursing everything that moved. i cant tell you how many times i apologized to that poor squirrel...

but today, after venting to several people about the last few weeks... i finally realized that everything was going to be ok. the old cliche "it could have been worse" is an old cliche that still has merit for a reason. life sucks. things happen for no reason and usually when one bad thing happens, it calls its buddies and gets a little crew together and they decide to get really drunk and vomit on your sunny day.

but all that reverb always makes you try and find the silver lining. and i think i did just that. while i walked around the vast blocks of nw dc failing miserably to hail a cab... i said to myself, "i will never take my car for granted again."

maybe this is what i needed! from now on, maybe ill take better care of my car. maybe ill be more careful with maintenance and inspections. take better care when i travel and park it. maybe take it to get washed once a year or so...

but also maybe ill take a step back even farther and think about all those people that came running to my side. all those people that i interact with on a daily basis that when hearing i might need help or a ride or just support, reached out and offered everything but their own car... and even then, someone did just that. i need to make sure those people know that i appreciate their support and definitely dont take them for granted either.

life is a bunch of lessons strewn together with the goal of making you into the best person possible and i got caught snoozing in class and bam, pop quiz. and i bombed it. but you know, next time, just maybe ill be better prepared.

i hope so. i dont think i can stand another set of hours in the honda waiting room watching mister opportunity propoganda... dear honda, i bought the car already... everyone here is waiting for service issues... STOP PUSHING YOUR DAMN (albeit, i still love hondas so very much) vehicles on me let me watch the price is right... sheesh.

so life, thanks for the study hall. i think my lesson is learned... if i could get a nice little recess from anything having to do with automotive frustration... i will definitely participate a little more in class.

want an apple?!

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