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Monday, June 7, 2010

ruby tuesday rocks... and im not talking about the salad bar...

ok, so it is no secret that i love ruby tuesdays. i have always loved the restaurant and most notably, the salad bar. i usually couple the salad bar with a bison burger or a set of minis and i never leave hungry.

and then rubys knocked it up a notch.

last night, i visited one such ruby tuesday and i was shocked. floored. moved to tears. partially due to hunger, but tears nonetheless.

i walked in to the sound of paramore blasting over the speaker system... followed by something corporate... then the ataris... then OLD all american rejects. i was floored. it was as if king ruby heard my secret demands to drop the crappy sterile elevator music and get the place jumping a little bit. several conversations were put on hold/ended because i simply desired to sing along to each anthemic punk rock song on the playlist.

if rubys continues like this, i would expect some acoustic sessions at the salad bar or block parties thrown sponsored by rubys. in all fairness, the restaurant chain was named after a rolling stones song. im pretty sure if mick jagger heard all the crappy jason-mraz-but-worse-if-you-can-imagine music on a 2 hour repeat being shoved down people's throats to accompany their salad bar, he would be pissed.

so job well done rubes. maybe throw that in the old zagat... who knows, it might get you some more points!

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