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Thursday, June 10, 2010

brothers go to the food store

as my brother and i entered our local food store, a presumably homeless man stopped us about 15 feet from the door, at 11:15pm.

homeless bob: "hey, do you guys have any work for me?"
me: "nah, sorry bud. just shopping"
homeless bob: "hey, are you guys brothers?"
kevin: "yeah! do we look alike?"
(know that he has now changed direction and is following us as we enter the food store)
homeless bob: "yeah, but not your faces. you guys look like you lift the same things... like you are the same from the neck down..."
kevin: "sorry, no work. have a good night"

and the awkwardness continues at the register...

register lady named jaio: "are you brothers?
kevin: "is it because we look alike?"
register lady named jaio: "its your nose"
kevin: "really? actually our noses are a little different. his is more of a bulb and i have a hook..."
me: "kevin, its because they are bigger than everyone elses."
register lady named jaio: "yes! thats it!"
me: "haha i knew it..."
kevin: "you know what they say about a guy with a big nose..."
me: "stop hitting on the register lady!! lets go."

ok... so the takeaway from this is never go to a food store at night with my brother... or get drunk beforehand so things are less awkward and more hilarious.

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